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Terms and Conditions
General Info
  • A deposit will be required for  booking. Please provide either a; Cheque, Cash or we can send you a link for the deposit amount, this will be returned if the hall is left clean, tidy and without damage.

  • At the end of your session(s), please ensure all lights are switched off, taps in toilets are turned off and sinks clear. Please stack chairs under the windows to the left of the bar; please ensure that they do not hit the radiators.

  • Your rubbish and items for recycling must be put in the bins outside the building.

  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area in the Car Park. There is no smoking allowed within the building.

  • Children must be always supervised.

  • Please keep windows and doors closed to prevent noise disturbing neighbours.

  • We will go through the Fire Awareness Document with you when you arrive.

Health and Safety

It is the intention of the Botcheston Village Hall Management Committee, to comply with all Health and Safety Legislation and to act positively where it can reasonably do so to prevent injury, ill health or any danger arising from its activities and operations.

Employees, hirers and visitors will be expected to recognise that there is a duty on them to comply with the practices set out by the Committee as outlined below and familiarise themselves with the Health and Safety file, (kept within the premises) before using the hall. They should also note the location of the first aid box, safety notices, including the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and have signed and understand the Village Hall Fire Awareness Document. The Committee have carried out Risk Assessments. The following practices must be followed in-order to minimise risk.

  • Make sure that all emergency exit doors are clear and always unlocked, when using the hall.

  • Do not operate or touch any electrical equipment, where there is sign of damage, exposure of components or water penetration.

  • Do not work on steps, ladders or at height until they are properly secured, with another person is present.

  • Do not leave portable electrical or gas appliances operating while unattended.

  • Do not bring onto the property any portable electrical appliances, which have not been “Portable Appliance Tested”, (PAT).

  • Do not attempt to move heavy or bulky items.

  • Do not attempt to carry or tip a water boiler when it contains hot water, it MUST be left to cool.

  • Do not allow children in the kitchen or behind the bar.

  • Wear suitable protective clothing when handling cleaning or other toxic chemicals.

  • Report any evidence of damage or faults to equipment or the building’s facilities to the Booking Secretary.

  • Report every accident in the accident book and notify the Bookings Secretary

The HIRER shall not:
  • Sub-hire the premises

  • Allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purposes.

  • Do anything or bring anything onto the premises anything which might endanger people or the premises.

  • Allow music or other entertainment to be conducted at levels which could cause disturbance or create any disadvantage to their environment.

  • Allow music or other entertainment to continue after midnight.

If the sale of alcohol is to take place the hirer MUST ensure that:
  • If you wish to run a bar when you hire the hall, THE HIRER MUST apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN), from Hinckley and Bosworth BC, 10 days in advance of your event. The cost is c£21 payable to H&BBC. Two copies are to be sent to Hinckley and Bosworth BC and one copy to Chief of Police, Leicestershire Constabulary, Licensing Section, Mansfield House, 74 Belgrave Gate Leicester LE1 3GG.  Applications can be made online by going to http:/

  • The hirer must observe all the terms and conditions of the Premises Licence, a full copy of which is posted on the notice board in the main reception of the Hall. A copy will be supplied to the hirer at the time of booking.

  • The principles of Challenge 21 relating to the sale and purchase of alcohol are understood. (Copies will be available on the premises)

  • The Bookings Clerk, MUST be advised should the hirer wish to include the sale of alcohol, (licensed bar) as part of the hire.

End of Hire Check List
  1. Clear away all rubbish to bins outside the building.

  2. Ensure that there is nothing smouldering within any of the rubbish.

  3. Check that water heaters, taps and oven controls have been switched off.

  4. Check the central heating has been turned back to automatic if any adjustment has been made during the hire period.

  5. Check all portable electrical appliances are turned off and unplugged.

  6. Turn out all lights, ensuring that outside lights and lights by the gates are all turned off. N.B. The lights in the Ladies toilets are on an automatic timed switch.

  7. Close all internal doors and secure all outside doors and windows.

  8. Leave the premises as quietly as possible respecting the neighbouring residents.

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