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Rural Community Council Launches Centenary Awards 2024: Honouring Unsung Heroes and Positive Impact in Leicestershire and Rutland

For the last 100 years, The Rural Community Council (RCC) has been the heartbeat of community interest. Through dynamic projects that have touched the lives of many in rural villages, the RCC has gained great support and a dedicated following. The RCC has understood that making connections, creating inviting spaces and championing local communities is vital for rural placed around Leicestershire and Rutland and are proud to be a pillar of this positive impact.


In the course of the last century, the RCC has evolved and focuses on many current day issues such as fuel poverty and mental health. As we celebrate a centenary of the charity we are thrilled to announce the Centenary Award 2024 coming in October.


This is not just a celebration of the RCC accomplishments but a call to spotlight the remarkable stories of individuals within your village. We invite you to recognise the unsung hero’s, whether it be an individual, a community space, a café, building, pub or anything else that has improved the quality of your rural area.


Shine a light on their contributions by nominating them for an RCC awards using the link below. Together, let’s celebrate the positive changes that shape our communities.


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