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St Georges Quiz 2023

On a chilly Saturday evening of the 22nd April, the Botcheston Village Hall was bustling with excitement as the much-awaited St. George's Quiz Night finally kicked off. This event was organized to celebrate St. George's Day, which is a significant day for the English and is celebrated annually on April 23rd.

The event was hosted by the charismatic Ian Warren, who was the quizmaster for the evening. Ian is a well-known figure in Botcheston :) , and he did an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout the night.

The quiz was a tense affair, with all teams trying their best to outdo each other. There were rounds on history, geography, music, and general knowledge, among others. The questions were challenging but not too difficult, and there were plenty of opportunities for teams to score points.

After a nail-biting finish, it was The Desperados who emerged victorious, narrowly beating the runners-up, The Mews. The winners were overjoyed and celebrated their victory with cheers and drinks.

Aside from the quiz, the highlight of the night was undoubtedly the roast beef dinner that was provided by Hannah. The food was fantastic, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Hannah is the chef at the Greyhound in Botcheston, and her culinary skills did not disappoint.

Overall, the St. George's Quiz Night was a huge success. It was a great way for the community to come together and celebrate an important English tradition. Ian did an excellent job as the quizmaster, and Hannah's roast beef dinner was the perfect way to cap off the night. We can't wait for the next event!

The Winners - The Desparados

The Runners Up - The Mews + The Quizmaster Ian!

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